— November 29, 2017

The Budget & Employee Engagement

The chancellor’s Autumn budget provided some help to embattled employees by increasing the tax threshold but with the revised…

— November 20, 2017

How Powerful is “Thank You”?

How do you feel after being recognised for doing something well? I’d hazard a guess that you feel good! So, with that in mind,…

— October 31, 2017

PeopleValue to Continue Round Table Series 2018

PeopleValue will continue the Employee Engagement round table series in 2018.

— October 24, 2017

What do you both want?

It sounds like the opening gambit in a relationship counselling session, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s a key question you should be…

— October 9, 2017

Not Another Christmas Message!

Admit it, you’ve seen it. Yep, Christmas is on the horizon! It’s 76 days away and social media, radio and TV advertising are…

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